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Oticon More 1

“More of the beautiful moments that bring sound to life”

Oticon More Hearing Aids – An Introduction

Oticon More 1 hearing aids are designed to give you access to more meaningful sounds around you – so you get more of life’s details in more balance and clarity with their new Polaris platform and Deep Neural Network.

Oticon More miniRITE Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Currently, this hearing aid range is only available in a rechargeable RIC design. The Oticon More miniRITE R is a discreet rechargeable style with the technology for you to gain from all relevant sounds.

Oticon More Hearing Aids – Changing tradition

The idea behind Oticon More hearing aids is to change how traditional digital hearing aids have been designed in the past, which was focused on speech coming from in front of you. Using guestimates and human hypotheses to assist in speech and reduce background noise. In reality, this method stops your brain from receiving all the sound information it needs.

Oticon More Hearing Aids – Your brain craves more

Your brain craves more to access more to process sound as natural as possible because sound changes constantly and entails more than just speech. Oticon More 1 becomes a hearing aid that supports how your brain naturally works.

The technology within Oticon More 1 hearing aids has been created to recognise various sounds in intricate detail, which results in the device knowing how sounds should be heard easily, so it can adapt.

How has the Oticon More hearing aids achieved this?

Oticon recorded real-life sounds from around the world using a 360° spherical microphone – 12 million to be exact! This means that Oticon More hearing aids are the first hearing devices to give the brain the full perspective using an advanced technology called Deep Neural Network, which compliments their already successful BrainHearing philosophy.

Oticon More Hearing Aids – Breakdown of the Deep Neural Network Process

  • Oticon recorded sounds from real life.
  • The recorded sounds trained the Deep Neural Network to recognise them.
  • The Deep Neural Network (part of the MoreSound Intelligence) offers accurate analysis and balancing of your full soundscape.
  • Quick and high-resolution sound amplification adapts according to your sound scene, using MoreSound Amplifier.

So, what else is better with the Oticon More hearing aids?

  • 16 x more capacity to deliver innovative algorithms.
  • 64 processing channels.
  • 2 x more speed and computation capacity.
  • Deep Neural Network processing.
  • 2 x more precise in 1.5-5kHz frequency bands.

Oticon More 2

The Oticon More 2 is the mid technology specification and although not the premium hearing aid in this family, it is still packed with great features like Bluetooth connectivity, as well as benefiting from:

  • More of the meaningful sounds around you.
  • More balance and clarity of the little details.
  • More captures of the special moments that sounds bring to life.

Oticon More 3

The Oticon More 3 is the introductory hearing aid of this range, but it is still packed with great features. Here are some benefits of this range:

  • MoreSound Intelligence to give you an advanced soundscape.
  • MoreSounds Amplifier to balance amplification.
  • Polaris Platform to provide the power and backbone of the Deep Neural Network processing.

This means that you will gain from:

  • More of the meaningful sounds around you.
  • More balance and clarity of the little details.
  • More captures of the special moments that sounds bring to life.

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