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Phonak CROS Paradise


Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids – An introduction

Phonak CROS P is the CROS device using Phonak Paradise technology. When a CROS P and an Audéo Paradise hearing aid are fitted together, it enables clients with single-sided deafness to hear speech more accurately and better able to follow conversations from whatever direction.  Using Binaural VoiceStream Technology the CROS P wirelessly sends the sounds from the ear that has no hearing over to the better side.


Phonak CROS P Hearing Aids – Stereo Zoom

Phonak uses their integrated StereoZoom system which has proven successful at binaural beamforming. It creates a very narrow beam to focus in on single voices when in a crowd. This can deliver much better speech understanding when in background noise.  The CROS P can be either rechargeable or use normal batteries. 


CROS Balance:  This feature adjusts the loud sound ratio between the CROS device and the Paradise hearing aid.


AutoSense OS 4.0:  This feature automatically understands your soundscape in real-time then offers a seamless listening experience.


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