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Unitron Stride Blu


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Unitron Stride Blu BTE

Available as Rechargeable Power (PR) with direct connectivity, or Ultra Power (UP) with 675 battery and built-in Telecoil as standard.

Meet Integra OS

The new Blu platform is powered by the new Sonova PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip which offers double the memory of our previous chip. Blu features Integra OS, the highly advanced signal processing system that delivers an adaptable, personalised found, and freeing hearing experience like never before!

Personalisation at the touch of a button

The hearing aid user can further personalise their listening experience by improving focus, boosting speech, and reducing background noise using the Remote Plus app. The app also allows the user to select preset manual programs that suit their specific lifestyles. And for changes that require the expertise of an audiologist, remote adjust allows the audiologist to deliver professional fine-tuning remotely. This gives all Moxi Blu users flexibility and convenience, whether you’re at home or on the move.

Moxi Blu 9

Premium performance in 7 environments and the most sophisticated features that let you focus on speech and background noise. Plus enjoy improved awareness of where sounds come from and the ability to hear in quiet as well as delightful music, automatically.

Moxi Blu 7

Advanced performance in 6 environments with a great feature that will help you focus on speech coming from the front and sides in challenging situations, improved awareness of where sounds come from and the ability to hear in quiet situations, plus an automatic music program.

Moxi Blu 5

Standard performance in 4 environments includes a feature to help you to know where sounds are coming from and the ability to hear in quiet environments.

Moxi Blu 3

The basics in 2 environments. Limited ability to adjust automatically to accommodate multiple listening environments.

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Technology Level

Stride Blu 9, Stride Blu 7, Stride Blu 5, Stride Blu 3


Stride UP 675 Telicoil (Non-rechargeable), Stride PR Rechargeable


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