Unitron Discover Next Insera (custom aid)

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Unitron Discover Next Insera (custom aid)


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The best of Discover Next in a discreet custom aid

Available as a CIC (completely in the canal), IIC (invisible in the canal), ITC (in the canal) and Half-Shells.

The unique engine inside Discover Next helps people get to the heart of conversations

SoundCore™ delivers more than just sounds and words. It delivers key nuances of speech and environmental cues to provide a realistic hearing experience. The powerful, integrated SoundCore system enables your clients to understand the deeper meaning in conversations and makes Discover Next one of the world’s most intelligent platforms.

World-leading environment classification

SoundNav 3.0 is the product of years of training our classification algorithm using machine learning so that hearing instruments can perform differently in different situations. Whether it’s a busy café, a movie at home, or streamed signals like speech and music, your clients keep up with any hearing environment, just like a normal-hearing listener would – with sounds classified and optimized accordingly.

Putting sounds in their place

Other hearing instruments miss crucial cues about the exact location a sound is coming from. Our Spatial Awareness feature uses an innovative four-microphone strategy to acoustically separate sounds and help you better identify exactly where a noise or voice may be coming from.

All phones.

Both ears. Incredible sound. Incompatible devices in this day and age? Not acceptable. Unitron hearing instruments are made for all mobile phones. You can enjoy easy, direct connections with the people they care about through hands-free phone and video calls to both ears.

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