Thomas Bond

Technical Advisor and Administration

The technical aspect of my role is largely supporting our patients with their hearing aid to phone connections, with the aim of having their hearing aids, phones and wireless accessories all getting along happily together. The admin side of my role involves working with the Hearing Check team in our Head Office, Preston Hearing Care Centre, booking patient appointments, helping with enquiries and assisting the audiologists in any way possible. 

What makes you want to come to work?

What drives me is knowing that someone relies on you to help them when they have an issue. What might seem simple and straight forwards for my generation is undoubtedly much trickier to navigate for someone of an older generation. It’s great to hear how relieved and often elated a patient is when I am able to assist with their issues. This does make me enjoy coming to work. I also work with a great team of people (This is always a plus!)

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy knowing that, when I have helped a patient with a technical issue, I’ve made a positive impact on that person, or even made their day!

How do you help make your customers smile?

Smiling myself when I greet a patient and making sure they are comfortable in the practice, or on the phone, to ensure they feel valued and listened to.