Ged Rowbottom

Ged Rowbottom


I am one of two directors in the business so I have two roles, that of running the business and the even more enjoyable role of helping people hear better!

What makes you want to come to work?

Ultimately I want to help people… as we get older our hearing deteriorates and it gradually affects our social interaction, especially with partners, friends and family. This in turn starts to isolate people and gradually they retreat from life itself. Better hearing can bring back the fun in life and stops people getting old before their time.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have a great job. Helping people hear better improves their quality of life and that of their friends and family. What I most enjoy is seeing the delight (and sometimes shock!) in a person’s face when I turn the hearing aids on for the first time. Sometimes it can be a real moment of joy.

How do you help make your customers smile?

By smiling! I would like to think that I make people at ease and relaxed. I am here to offer best advice in a friendly and professional manner and once I earn a person’s trust they smile.