Simon Bland


I am one of the directors of the business and you can mainly find me in our practice in Fulwood, Preston. My days are spent working with patients to help them hear better and get the best out of their ears and hearing instruments. I also keep ahead of the latest hearing technology to give patients the best hearing possible.

What makes you want to come to work?

My motivation is being able to give every one of our patients the best experience that they are going to receive from any hearing care provider. I want to maintain a private hearing care centre that patients really want to come to. I think our Google reviews reflect this.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have the best job in the world because I love what I do with a passion and, as a local Prestonian, I live only 10 minutes from the Preston practice. My job is extremely rewarding and every day I get to help patients hear better and see patients’ quality of life improved. I like nothing more than seeing a patient’s face light up after a simple earwax removal appointment, or the moment I turn on their new hearing instruments from my computer.

How do you help make your customers smile?

Smile and the whole world smiles with you, I think Louis Armstrong said and it’s true. I am sure all of my patients are able to see how passionate and enthusiastic I am in what I do. My job is to make each person feel comfortable and at ease and gain their confidence. When a patient trusts what we do they are happy to be treated by us. (My informality and sense of fun may play a part in helping a patient feel relaxed too.)