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Earol Olive Oil Ear Spray

Earol spray has a simple yet unique delivery system capable of dispensing a discrete unit dose of olive oil into the outer ear. This helps to soften ear wax and ease discomfort caused by excess & hardened ear wax.

Otinova Ear Spray

  • For the treatment of ear canal inflammation or eczema also known as swimmers ear or otitis externa. A mixture of Burow’s solution also effective for treating ear fungus or otomycosis.
  • Burow’s solution is an astringent mixture of aluminium acetate, aluminium acetotartrate, acetic acid and water. Traditionally used to treat swimmers ear and skin conditions including insect bites and stings and rashes.
  • Acetic acid is an antibiotic that treats infections caused by bacteria or fungus.
  • Aluminium acetate helps reduce helps reduce itching stinging and inflammation.
  • Aluminium acetotartrate dries the ear canal (astringent) and is antiseptic.


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Earol Olive Oil Ear Spray, Otinova Ear Spray


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