Hearing Aid Dry & Store Units

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Hearing Aid Dry & Store Units



Zephyr Dry & Store:

Miniature automatic drying and conditioning system. Removes moisture from hearing instruments overnight.

UV hygiene Dry & Store:

A complete conditioning system for all types of hearing instruments and in-the-ear devices. While you sleep, it removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs and deodorizes your hearing instrument

Desiccant Dry & Store Bricks (x3 Pack)

x3 Replacement, moisture absorbing bricks that when used with the above dry & store units, give long lasting protection for hearing aids.

Puretone Glass Dry Spot Dehumidifier:

Stylish container with microwaveable desiccant pillow. Designed for the safe drying of hearing instruments.

Puretone Dry Spot Replacement Pillows:

Replacement Dry & Store Pillows for use with the Glass Dry Spot Dehumidifier.

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Zephyr Dry & Store, UV hygiene Dry & Store, Desiccant Dry & Store Bricks (x3 Pack), Puretone Glass Dry Spot Dehumidifier, Puretone Dry Spot Replacement Pillows


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