Phonak Hearing Aid Cleaning Accessories

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Phonak Hearing Aid Cleaning Accessories



Puretone Cleaning Wipes:

Easy to use moist, hygienic cleaning wipes. Ideal for a quick cleaning or use on-set.

Removes wax and other debris from ear monitors, earphones and ear defenders.

Supplied in a pack of 30 wipes, individually wrapped.

From Puretone – The market leader. For use on earpiece exterior only.

Small Brush:

Includes a wax loop at the bottom and a hearing aid battery magnet at the top

Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray:

For regular and complete cleaning of hearing systems. Contains a strong earwax removal solution. Supplied in pump-action 30ml spray.

The Phonak Cleaning Kit contains all the essential hygiene and maintenance bits to keep your hearing aids working in perfect order:

  • x10 Hygiene Wipes
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Cleaning Brush & Wipe Loop
  • Cleaning Spray
  • Dehumidifying Storage Pot
  • x2 Dehumidifying Tablets
  • Storage Bag

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Small Brush with wax loop & battery magnet, Puretone Cleaning Wipes, Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray, Phonak Cleaning Kit


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